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Discover the amount of sun necessary for your health and how to take it

To synthesize (absorb) our vitamin D, the recommended amount of sun and the way to take it, without damaging your skin is:

Sources: Science of the Total Environment Magazine.

Note: A particularity of vitamin D is that the body can store it in the dermis, so you can take advantage of it at times when sun exposure is reduced.

A billion people in the world suffer from vitamin D deficiency … why? because we do not consider that of all the vitamins that we take through our diet, the human body does not have the facility to absorb (synthesize) vitamin D, we do not consider that we need the action of the solar rays in our body to absorb Vitamin D. Additionally, the sun’s rays also help reduce blood pressure and improve the treatment of some diseases.

It is very important that we consider that vitamin D is necessary for the assimilation and use of the 2 most important minerals in quantity that exist in the human body:

  1. Calcium, vitamin D causes calcium to be assimilated in the parts of the body where it is necessary (bones, teeth, etc.).
  2. Phosphorus, necessary in all the cells of the body to be able to correctly perform its functions.

In conclusion, you need to enjoy the sun by taking it in the recommended amounts, both in winter and summer and with the most comfortable and effective sunscreen, a hat or cap.

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