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Discover easily the hat that enhances the beauty of your face

Dear reader, if you consider that your face is wider than long, your face could be: Rounded, Square or Triangular.

But if you consider that your face is longer than it is wide, your face could be: Elongated (Diamond or Rectangular), Inverted Triangle or Oval.

RoundedLength and width of the face are similar and without marked features. Objective of the hat:  Lengthen the face. CrownNot rounded and with some detail to attract attention (ribbons, flowers, feathers, etc.). BrimMedium size and not fallen. Ideal hats: Fedoras and Gamblers, with ribbons, flowers, feathers or any other detail in the crown. Confirm how these hats lengthen the face of our Model:

Square: It is wider than long, forehead and jaw have similar width. Objective of the hat:  Lengthen the face and add curves. Crown: Rounded and without ribbon or ribbon of the same color of the hat so that it is not noticed, to create the lengthening effect. BrimMedium and with uneven drop. Ideal hats: Bell-shaped. Confirm how these hats lengthen the face and add curves to the face of our Model:

Triangular or Pear ΔNarrow forehead and line of the jaw is wider. Objective of the hat: Fill the forehead. Crown: Not tall (low) and loose fitted. BrimShort. Ideal hats: Avocado. Confirm how these hats fill the forehead of our Model:

Elongated, Diamond & Rectangular ⌊⌋ ◊: It is longer than wide. Elongated and Diamond: Narrow appearance, high forehead and cheekbones, narrow and elongated jaw. Rectangular: Forehead and jaw have similar width. Objective of the hat: Make the face look wider. CrownRounded and with thick ribbon to cut the length of the face. BrimLong and fallen at the level of the cheekbones. Ideal hats: Floppy, Bell-shaped, Pamelas, Classic Woman, everything with thick ribbon. Confirm how these hats widen the face of our Model:

Inverted Triangle or Heart ∇ ♥: Wide forehead, narrow cheekbones and jaw. Objective of the hat: Narrow the forehead and fill the jaw. Crown: Very fitted, in any shape, with thick ribbon. BrimMedium and fallen. Ideal hats: Trilby, Bell-shaped, Cap, everything with thick ribbon. Confirm how these hats narrow the forehead and fill the jaw of our Model:

OvalAsymmetrical, the length is 1.5 times longer than it is wide. Objective of the hat: You’re lucky! You can wear any hat. Ideal hats: You can wear any hat you want!.

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